Mental Health Providers

Mental Health Providers

Medication adherence is an important part of mental health treatment. It can be difficult for patients to remember to take their medication every day, especially if they are experiencing side effects or other challenges. This can lead to non-adherence and a lack of improvement in symptoms, which can lead to more severe issues down the line.

Medication Call Reminder by WillaRx will focus on National Mental Health Month helping mental health providers improve medication adherence among those with mental illness by providing education about how best practices can help patients stay on track with their treatment plans.

Understanding Medication Adherence

Medication adherence is the degree to which a person adheres to their medication regimen. It can be measured by the number of doses taken, time between doses and overall duration of treatment. Medication nonadherence is associated with poor mental health outcomes and contributes to higher healthcare costs.

Medication nonadherence is common among people living with mental illness and/or substance use disorders; it has been estimated that 50% of patients fail to take their prescribed medications as directed. The reasons why people do not adhere include:

  • Cost - Some medications are expensive or covered by insurance only partially; others may require multiple office visits per month for refills which increases out-of-pocket costs for families struggling financially.
  • Side effects - Some side effects may make individuals feel worse than before taking medication, leading them not want continue taking it.
  • Forgetfulness - Causes medication non-adherence in elderly and younger patients due to distraction and inattentiveness.

The Role of Mental Health Providers

Mental health providers are in a unique position to help their clients adhere to their medication regimens. As such, we encourage you to consider the following best practices when working with your patients:

  • Provide education about their medications and how they work
  • Monitor their progress and adjust treatment plans accordingly
  • Refer them back to primary care providers if necessary

National Mental Health Month 2023

National Mental Health Month is a time for providers to raise awareness about the importance of medication adherence. Providers can use this opportunity to educate patients about the importance of taking their medications as prescribed, which will help improve mental health outcomes and reduce health care costs.

National Mental Health Month is an annual observance that aims to increase understanding of mental illnesses, reduce stigma, promote access to treatment and support services for all Americans who live with mental illness or face challenges related to their emotional well-being. Medication Call Reminder's theme for Mental Health Month 2023 is "Take Your Medication as Prescribed" (TYMAP).

During TYMAP activities, providers should promote strategies that encourage patients/clients/consumers/families/caregivers who are taking psychotropic medications such as antidepressants or antipsychotics - which are often referred to as "mental health drugs" -to adhere closely with their treatment plans by taking prescribed doses at regular intervals throughout each day without skipping doses or stopping treatment abruptly without consulting their provider first.


As a mental health provider, you play an important role in helping your clients adhere to their medication regimens. You can do this by educating them on the importance of taking medications as prescribed, providing reminders when they are due for refills or adjustments, and encouraging them to talk with their prescribers if they have questions or concerns about their treatment plan.

This May, support your patients' mental health by helping them stick to their medication regimen. Remind them of the benefits of taking their medication as prescribed during appointments and follow-up calls. Introduce them to Medication Call Reminder by WillaRx, a service that sends automatic text messages and phone calls with personalized recorded messages to remind them of their medication.

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